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Food Brands Built
for WEB3

As Web3 emerges, ShiftPixy Labs is ushering in a family of tech-first food brands built for this emerging market. We are super-charging the digital dining experience through web and in-app gamification, augmented reality activations, NFT avatars, and so much more to create ground-breaking food brands.


We’re deepening customer loyalty by creating gamification experiences that align with the ways today’s users want to interact with their brands. This extends far beyond video game development and gives us tools to reimagine what every level of the customer experience can become.

NFT Avatars

NFT avatars with customizable features not only allow the brand to become a central part of a user’s digital persona, but also give customers opportunities to unlock new digital and in-person rewards through gamification, creating a new kind of loyalty program.

Augmented Reality

From AR Menus to limited time mixed reality events, AR creates new ways to showcase the brand’s food, distribute messaging and create immersive experiences that allow customers to curate more robust digital identities.

Digital Second Floor

When existing businesses combine current capabilities with tools like robust digital ordering, engagement drivers, and loyalty systems, they create a new digital business atop their traditional operations—a digital second floor.

Experience a New Kind of 
Loyalty Program

plaTforms  Built for

Web3 is creating new opportunities to engage, delight, and retain today’s customers by meeting them where they are—mentally and digitally.

ShiftPixy Labs allows our restaurant partners to take a bite out of the metaverse by empowering them to harness our technology to create winning Web3 customer experiences and build their own Digital Second Floor.

Opportunities Built for Creators

We team up with creators to bring them into the metaverse and help their brands achieve longevity in the emerging Web3 market.

Grow Your

We help creators reach new audiences through unforgettably immersive food brand experiences.

NFT Creator

NFT Creator Collections allow users to take their avatar into in-app games to win rewards and free food items.

Food Brands

We give creators the tools to create food brands that authentically connect with their audience and, most importantly, keep them engaged. 

Build a
Brand Legacy

We give creators financial freedom by helping them build brands that will generate long-lasting passive revenue streams.

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