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Why Order Directly From A Restaurant?

Jul 19, 2021

We know the question “why order directly from a restaurant?” has been thrown around a few times recently – so, we are going to answer it once and for all. But first, let’s crank up the imagination and set the scene…

Picture it. It’s time to get cozy for the night. But no one wants to cook. So you decide to have food delivered and settle down with some Netflix. You hit up a third party delivery app, because they have it all. But then you get your order ready to go and take a gander at the hefty fees added on. You think that bites (yes, we love some food humor)! There’s got to be a better way. 

And there is for the consumers and the local businesses alike. It’s called native delivery. This innovative new delivery system fries up the middle man by delivering the same great food directly from a local restaurant rather than through a third-party delivery service. All without sacrificing convenience or quality.

Time to Go Native Delivery

Since the pandemic, food delivery has become even more popular by any metric. It’s estimated that the delivery market will reach 97 billion dollars by 2024 worldwide. Food delivery apps experienced a 25.2% increase in customers from 2019 to 2020. 

And the pie will continue to grow even as more restaurants open up fully. But using third-party delivery apps hurts local businesses and forces consumers to pay more for the same food. This is where native delivery with ShiftPixy comes into play. ShiftPixy offers restaurateurs the ability to implement their own websites and mobile apps for curbside pickup and food delivery. They take care of the tech and logistics, so that restaurants can do what they do best. 

You can say goodbye to hefty commissions to outside food delivery companies and bring delivery back in-house. Instead of trusting an unknown driver in an unmarked car to deliver your food, it can be current or gig employees trained in your brand. Isn’t it time to break away from third-party delivery services?

Pros for customers:

  • Say goodbye to ridiculously high delivery fees
  • Help keep your local favorite restaurants in business
  • Trust that your food is delivered exactly how the restaurant intends it.
  • Develop a relationship with your favorite restaurants – isn’t it great when they throw in a free desert because they know you and you mean something to them?

Pros for restaurateurs:

  • Say goodbye to hefty commissions
  • Retain your client data
  • Ensure that your brand is represented as intended right through to the moment of delivery

Retain Higher Percentage of Profits 

Have you ever thought about what you could do with 30% more of the profits? Well, by any stretch, a whole heck of a lot. And this number isn’t arbitrary or stretching it a little when you look at how much customers and restaurants pay for outsourced delivery apps. 

Between the delivery fee and service fee, the numbers keep rolling. While delivery is a premium service, giving away 30% isn’t sustainable over the long term. People who order from a third-party delivery service may think the money is going back to the local economy, but that’s not true. The delivery driver relies on tips, and the fees paid out primarily benefit the delivery company

Keep Your Valuable Customer Data

Have you thought about the phrase, it’s all in the numbers? Well, this is definitely true for your customer’s data. When you use a third-party delivery service, you have no idea who your customers are and definitely can’t create a long-term relationship with them. 

Delivery apps have all the deets and don’t like to share them. And why would they? Not directly with you anyway. Feasibly they can use the customer information to compete with you. When you go native delivery with ShiftPixy, you can harness the power of information just like the big guys.

Use Your Own In-House Trained Staff

Outside delivery drivers aren’t motivated by excellent customer service. Half the time, they don’t even get out of the car upon arrival. The customer has to come get the food and provide a tip. The native delivery concept allows the customer to order directly from the restaurant and ensures that the person delivering the food understands your business. 

Restaurants can train the delivery person. The brand-trained delivery person understands your needs and isn’t a faceless person dropping off food. Native delivery helps businesses go back to their roots without relying on someone else to get the job done right.

Beholden To Changing Fees

Third-party delivery apps can change their fees at any time. Just when you’ve gotten used to paying the hefty fees (not sure if that’s possible), prices go up again. Or you have to commit to one delivery app to receive special promotion in the app or pay fewer fees overall. 

When you sign up with outside food delivery services, you’re not the main chef in the kitchen. Oh no, there’s a new boss in town, and there’s no one to listen to your complaints.

How to Convince Customers to Order Directly

People generally want to do the right thing or at least save some money. Food delivery apps may seem like the only way to have food delivered, but when there’s another cheaper and better option for the community, most people jump kitchens. But how can you make sure they do?

Optimize Your Website

People use food delivery apps for convenience and trust. When you have a nice website that’s easy to use, you’re able to convince customers to order from your restaurant directly. Websites with beautiful photos that highlight the benefits of your food begin to build trust. 

Make it easy for them to order using the ShiftPixy native delivery method, and you’ll be amazed by how many people start ordering directly from your website or mobile app. The awareness of how much third-party delivery services charge restaurants and operators is growing, and providing a user-friendly alternative now is essential. 

Use Promotions and Email Marketing

Everyone likes a good deal or incentive. Native delivery allows you to create your own promotions to encourage people to order directly from your restaurant. Also, since you get to keep all your data, email marketing is possible and highly effective. 

Coupons, promotions, and brand communication have a better chance of being seen when delivered instantly to an inbox. Social media is another place to blast your message as well, and your customer data helps you create targeted ads to the people most likely to purchase your food. 

Ordering directly from a restaurant is the only way to go for both the customer and the operator. Everyone pays fewer fees and benefits from an improved delivery experience. All by going native with ShiftPixy. Third-party delivery knows this and would like nothing better than for you to settle down and keep giving them your money. After all, it’s working already.